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golden cube, venice

This project is inspired and informed by the richness of Venetian architecture and the traditional Venetian boats such as the wooden Sandolo and the more recent Riva launch and water taxi. The Golden Cube is a richly textured; gold anodised aluminium-clad micro compact home with floats arranged under the boat pontoons on either side of the 2.6m cube. Upon delivery to Venice-Mestre from the production centre in Austria, the cube was towed, by special permit, to a temporary location in the lagoon. Vertical piles on either side are then lowered into the lagoon ground to stabilise the cube and its platforms.

Access to the tiny two-person retreat is only by boat so when the micro mini bar is adequately stocked with prosecco the cube makes a perfect retreat for a honeymoon couple! The small amount of energy required to power the electrical systems of the micro compact home is provided by photovoltaic panels arranged on the canopy above the entrance. Lagoon water circulated by solar pump provides the cube with modest cooling, and waste storage and removal by boat avoids pollution of the lagoon.