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reed huis

The reed huis design is a collaboration between the Amsterdam based artist Marijke de Goey and Richard Horden. Designed to compliment the scale and form of a reed based landscape, it provides a base for short stay overs for summer sailing or winter skating, a guest house or weekend nature retreat, at an affordable cost.

The project pioneers new ideas in combining art and architecture, the ephemeral and practical, mass and lightness, density and openness. This personal retreat is specifically designed for a reed and water landscape. Marijke's characteristically Dutch steel and aluminium mast sculptures

provide a strong visibility as well as three point support for the small micro compact home.

The reed huis personal retreat can be located unobtrusively on a canal side, island or private land waterside. Its small dimension and detachment from the ground ensure minimal intrusion into the delicate nature. Solar, wind and hydrogen fuel cells provide independent and pollution free energy sources.